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Operator Safety Instructions


1. All operators should be trained to use equipment correctly.

2. Appropriate protective clothing especially Ear Defenders, High Visibility Vests and Safety Boots should be worn at all times.

3. This catalogue shows Manufacturers Noise and Vibration levels for all equipment. The information should be used sensibly as part of a personnel safety policy. In a practical environment these levels can
increase or reduce depending on working conditions and operator technique.


1. States the following :- Daily Exposure Action and Limit Values standardised to an eight hour

Action Level 2.5 m/s2
Limit 5.0 m/s2

2. This does not mean Machines generating a higher level than 5.0m/s2 cannot be used, only that their use may have to be restricted depending on the circumstances.

3. Measure actual Trigger time, not employee’s working time.

4. Using a high vibration tool for a short time will produce a lower overall exposure level than a low vibration tool for a long time.


1. Ensure equipment is properly used and regularly maintained.

2. Ensure consumables e.g. Impact Sockets and Cutters are in good condition and not worn past their useful life.

3. Review technique of using equipment e.g. gripping too hard or applying correct body pressure. A relaxed technique is always better than a tense one.

4. Use work rotation to minimise exposure time for each employee. Regular work breaks e.g, one hour on, one hour off and one hour on is better than two hours on.

5. Operators should keep warm and dry.

6. Improve operators health especially circulation. Smoking; drinking; hardening of arteries; diet; age; weight; high blood pressure all add to the risk. Regular health checks will help avoid some of these.

All information provided by relevant manufacturers notes.

Times shown are TRIGGER time. I.E. Time Operator experiences vibration NOT their working time.

RA1260 Rail Saw Time of 5 hours and 33 minutes equates to approximately 130 cuts in BS113A Rail.
K40 Air Rail Saw Time of 2 hours and 13 minutes equates to approximately 50 cuts in BS113A Rail.
K760 Time of 9 hours and 3 minutes equates to cutting approximately 640 concrete paving slabs.
TT Petrol Tie Tamper Values are considered lower than those produced by typical Electric Machines and present no significant risk to operators when used correctly.
F2111 Pneumatic Clip Remover Time of 1 hour and 49 minutes equates to the removal of approximately 1300 clips.

Master 35 Petrol Driven Impact Wrench Vibration Guide

On extensive on-track trials carried out under the independent supervision of Loughborough University in February 2008 the undernoted results were achieved on loosening and tightening:

Fishplate/Joint Bar Bolts
11.2 to 11.6m/s2 in approximately three seconds. 430 bolts before reaching EU Action Level and 1800 to reach Limit Level.

9.8 to 11.0m/s2 in approximately seven seconds. 240 screws before reaching EU Action Level and 1000 to reach Limit Level.

See OPERC website:

The actual figures achieved can vary depending on operator technique and condition of Wrench, fastener and track

Exploded diagram drawings and parts lists for all Tools and Equipment we supply are available on request or from manufacturer's websites.

Master 35 Petrol Driven Impact Wrench:



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